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Little Wonders Early Learning Academy adheres to the teaching theory that play is fundamental to learning. Research shows that children can attain "kindergarten readiness" through play, high-level questioning, and hands-on experimentation.


Our preschool follows an inquiry-based learning approach. Daily routines include a majority of student-led activities and allow time for "independent" play to encourage children to learn through exploration. We believe that social-emotional learning should be a top priority in preparing children for Kindergarten. In each of our classrooms we foster an environment that teaches children self-awareness, communication skills, and emotion management.


The Tiny Tots program is intended to help students gain the social-emotional skills they need to be successful in our Mini Learners program and beyond. Daily routines include practical life activities, motor-skill practice, skill-building snacks, and more!

Our 3-5 year-old programs follow a developmentally appropriate Kindergarten-readiness curriculum model. The alphabet is practiced daily and children learn numbers, shapes, colors, and more. Our curriculum is developed to meet the needs of each individual student with the appropriate scaffolding.

Early Care & Learning is a program offered to our students outside of our regular preschool hours. The curriculum during this time is focused on teaching practical life skills such as tying shoes, proper hand washing, brushing teeth, and more!

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